Between Heaven and Hell

Recorded on the " PERFUME & GRIME " CD on Sequel Records

© (O. Grand/L. Basson) Cami-Zack Publishing (PRS/BMI) 1993

Reached for you in bed this morning
Everything felt all wrong
Cup of coffee later you told me
Our love’s dead and gone
Begged you to go find a doctor
Try phoning nine double one
But that cold light in your eye
Told me my heartbreak’s begun

(chorus)..... Between heaven and hell
Seems like our love came and went
Between heaven and hell
We had good times - we had bad
Between heaven and hell
Thought our love could survive

The doctor came quickly
He said better kneel down and pray
No healing can fix this one
Your love’s DOA
Red lights are flashing
A crowd’s gathered round
I found out the hard way
Love dies not making a sound

(chorus)....... Between heaven and hell
I believed it would never die
Between heaven and hell
We went and tore our love apart
Between heaven and hell
We hurt each other way too bad

There’s no making it better
There’s no bringing it back
When love truely dies
That’s a well-known fact
There’s no kiss of life
There’s no room for hope
When love slips away
When a heart’s been too badly broke

(chorus -ad lib)